THANK YOU to our supporters!

UIHC Cancer Survivor Yoga Group began  in February 2007 as a research study with Dr. Geraldine Jacobson who was in UIHC Radiation Therapy. Then, there were a couple of years of no UIHC funding, yet participants donated to pay instructors in order to not lose the experience – it’s truly that powerful. In April of 2011, the Holden Cancer Center found money to begin supporting the yoga experience again.  This program is currently reliant on donations or special grants for maintenance.

The week of 2/10/14 we learned from our wonderful advocate, UIHC Social Worker Cynthia West, that nurse Jean Arndt, who works with the HCC Breast Health Clinic, and her family made a donation in support of the HCC Gentle Yoga Group from a Memorial Fund in memory of her mother.  We are truly blessed to have this support!  What a beautiful gift. Thank you to the Arndt family! 

We are also indebted to the Volunteer Services at UI Hospitals and Clinics for the Volunteer grant given late in 2013 to support our group. We are ever so grateful for the kindness of so many who have given, that we may receive the incredible blessings of the yoga we practice together. Thank you to Ashley Funkhauser, Marketing Coordinator of Volunteer Services, and Volunteer Services!  

We learned on 12/10/14 that the UIHC Volunteer Services has again provided a funding grant to pay for the facility use fee for one more year!  So once again, the Yoga Group is made possible partly through the financial support of Volunteer Service at UI Hospitals and Clinics.  We participants are very thankful for their support! 

Additionally, we want to thank Cynthia West, Social Worker with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, who has done so much to help us ensure we have the financial and other support to keep our group alive. Thank you, Cynthia West! 

And, we as participants can also consider contributing  financially to the longevity of this supportive Yoga Group as part of any annual giving we may do as individuals.  Here is how:  You can write a check to the Holden Cancer Center with an attached note stating that you want your donation to go toward the support of the HCC Yoga Support Fund.  Mail your contribution to:

Tami Thompson
Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at The University of Iowa
200 Hawkins Drive, 5970 JPP
Iowa City IA  52242



To us, you are all lights in this world.

By Vicki L. Flaherty

There is a light
An amazing and powerful light
That shines in daylight and darkness
The energy impacts with its mere presence
And dazzlingly so when it’s flame is full
Its glow reaches into the shadows
To illuminate and inspire
Filling space and time with warmth
To catch a spark, all it needs is
Belief in its inherent power
Faith that its sole purpose is to shine
And most of all
A desire to glow brightly
The light is you



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